places of "The4Petals"

The 4 Petals And Gaurdians of Light's interresting places

-The Lair Of The Lucifer

The place that Fiona and Avan found Lucifer. The god of the lucifer crystal. She was friends with Fiona's reincarnation Laniu. When she died Lucifer cursed herself to die on the day after laniu does. The only one who can wake her up is the reincarnation of her friend.

-Laniu island

The laniu island was named after Lucifer's friend, Her name is Laniu-ying. She is the god of the ying-yang. She died in the war of her brothers, Linania-ying and Seria-yang. Their sisters tried to stop them their names are Laniu-ying and Senia-yang. They died in the last attack. Senia's grave is the dark shrine on Seria's planet, As for Laniu her grave is on the island.

-dire's cave

The cave is where Dire used to stay in. Before Fiona and her comrades let her to go with on their journey. Her cave is normal outside so I won't draw it. You do not need to know who I am. But in the inside of the cave it is more like a maze. Fiona, Tokuna and Joji was in that cave. They were separarted, Fiona was attacked by wolfs, Tokuna was attacked by snakes, And Joji was attacked by Giant-spiders. In the cave you can't use magic only those who came from Zoria the planet that was distroyed can use magic. You still can use magic, but if you use it in that cave you will get smaller.